Monday, October 19, 2009

Vitamins for the Heart!!

Assalamualaikum wbt

SubhanAllah, i had lots of thoughts and ideas running in my head, particularly inspired by whatever that i see, experience or analyse..masyaAllah. I thought of keeping them till my exams end; but they are just too priceless to wait!! hehe

I was just about to leave the hostel to the hospital yesterday morning, and Allah made me switched on the television just for a moment as i had only promised to meet up with my friends in the next couple of minutes before leaving the hostel.

There u go, Morning On 2, breakfast show. And i was glued to the TV. Huh? Yeah, i did! There was a discussion going on and the invited panel seemed rather familiar to me..MasyaAllah, Prof Muhaya! I had never heard her speaks english, and masyaAllah her english is so perfect!

Being a rather well distinguished eye specialist in Malaysia, MasyaAllah who will not feel proud of her? Being a Muslimah herself, a great eye specialist...Yeah, she is not only a Muslimah; but also a Mukminah! I really adore her instantly just as she opens her mouth and speaks; her radiant look and soft gestures.......SubhanAllah i'm pretty sure patients simply love her!

She gave...i say...Vitamins for the heart!!

SubhanAllah, she gave a lot of inputs; and what really attracted me was that, although the hosts were not Muslems themselves, i could see that she tried to express in herself; of how beautiful Islam is, how practical it it, and how much we apply Islam in our daily lives...
When the host asked about decision-making as a doctor and about feeling bad about the decisions made for the best of the patient..MasyaAllah, i love how she gave in her thoughts!
She explained that, we should never say,"if only I...." because every decision we make in our lives is significant; in that they also came from Allah.
If we see it as bad and faulty; it can actually be a good one as everything happens for a reason! Allah will not take anything from us without replacing them with something else which is better for us! Afterall, Allah knows best!
She mentioned something that strikes me right in my heart.
Allah makes what you are today because of whatever that happened in the past...
Yup!! I agree wholeheartedly!!!!!!!!!!

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