Thursday, February 11, 2010

Confessions of a Niqabi

Assalamualaikum to brothers and sisters.....

This article is a true story of a special lady..her intentions are pure, she hopes to correct misconception and wrong perceptions on niqabis. I hope readers will not be judgmental towards her writings, it is true from her heart..

“My turning point in life began after I stepped into the captivating Masjidil Harom. Who wouldn’t shed even a tear upon seeing the ka’ba? MasyaAllah. Tears welled down my cheek. I do feel so…so small in front of Him. Even with heaps and uncountable sins I’d made in my life, I was accepted as a special guest masyaAllah. I even kept a dream in myself hoping my life ends there, but Allah made me return to my home after that…for a reason.

A reason to change.

It has been a BIG turning point of me which I had never imagined before subhanAllah.
My eyes keep lurking for big hijabs, I had no idea why I was so determined. I smiled to myself. Reminding myself that Allah made me to do it. I remembered when I was back in university, in the beginning there were only 2-3 girls in big hijabs (tudung labuh). I told them about my intention of wearing and making my own big hijabs and masyaAllah they were happy to hear the good news. I had learned making them and it was funny that my first black hijab was a disaster! I had clumsily snipped the piece of black cloth wrongly that it was so short in the front!! I wore it anyway!! Hehe…as I do appreciate and love it so much!

Friends of my batch showed various reactions. (as expected). Some kept scrutinizing me from up to down, some just smiled and some even became distant until now (muslems). It was okay for me as it is rare to see students in big hijabs in my campus. I get pretty excited to explain to my non muslem friends when they came up straight to my face and enquired about my way of dressing. SubhanAllah!

A bigger step and I would say a very challenging thing is reactions on niqab. Donning the niqab has been something that I had yearned for so long. Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me the strength to cover my face with this piece of cloth to cover my modesty. I have no niqabi friends, thus it had been a very critical start for me to seek a niqab. Alhamdulillah, I found a muslim shop in a website and ordered a black half-niqab. When the parcel arrived in my campus, I was so thrilled that I quickly openned up the wrapper and tried it secretly in my room. MASYAALLAH!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know how to describe my feelings but even trying the niqab in my room made my tears fall!! Thank you Allah!!

What is niqab? It is a piece of cloth donned by part of muslem women to cover their faces. Niqab is a normal thing in Malaysia, and I say…quite rare. Thus, whenever I am in the public, I had to stop myself from approaching small kids around me. Heheh. Why? I can’t bear seeing them cry and run to their parents thinking that I am a ninja, a ghost or something. Huhu.

It had been almost a year since I first wore the niqab. So I’m quite a beginner. When donning the niqab, I feel SO COMFORTABLE AND SECURED. I pray to Allah, may Allah grant me strength to be steadfast and istiqama in my way of dressing. I do it merely for Allah. Not for anyone else!! Not because I get fascinated with Aisya in the movie “Ayat-ayat Cinta”!! Not at all!!

I heard that there’s oppression towards niqabis in France. I am saddened with this news but I am proud to say that niqabis are just like everyone else and should be respected. Every niqabi has a strong and solid reason why they had chosen the dress code.

As for me…….every women is a fitna; either she is beautiful or not as it is not a matter. Every woman is made beautiful by Allah in many different ways and a niqabi decides that she does not want to share it to the whole world. Niqabis are not extremists. They are also normal human beings; not some kind of aliens landing in this world. They have the right to choose to wear the niqab, thus should be respected.”

May Allah open up our eyes towards women in niqab. Amin!InsyaAllah next entry will be about the niqab itself. J


  1. what a story! semoga Allah sentiasa kuatkan iman dan diberi hati yang istiqomah untuk terus melakukan yang terbaik dalam perjalanan menuju-Nya.

  2. Masha Allah sis, thanks for sharing your story :) May Allah keep your heart firm on this Deen, aameen!

    haha and speaking of kids, lol, I find their reaction the cutest when you approach them. lol tapi tak cute sangat bila dia menangis :P

    How did your parents react to you wearing niqaab sis? Were they ok with it? Your friends?

  3. insyaAllah kak chik :)

    theonekhalil:kids are adorable, aren't they??
    insyaAllah we'll share that in ur blog :) tk cr sis

  4. An inspiring story..thanx 4 sharing..May Allah bless u