Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oman- Part 2

Assalamualaikum wbt

InsyaAllah, i'll share few pictures in Oman. Hopefully it benefits us; as we are khalifa; and it is our responsibility to explore Allah's beautiful creations..insyaAllah.

Muscat...being the capital of Oman; approximately 3 hours from the small state of Ibri

These are old houses, specially preserved insyaAllah for all of us to reminisce upon the old days..still strong and sturdy masyaAllah

This is the state of Ibri...view from on top of the hill. Ibri is a rather "outcast" and deserted area. MasyaAllah, the Omanis in Ibri are religious and very nice. You can hardly see Muslems not wearing proper Islamic attire. However, Indians also stand out in Ibri as they make up of about 40% of population. (India is adjacent to Oman...jom tengok peta) :)

This is the fish market in Oman. MasyaAllah u'll never come across small fish here in the market. They only sell BIG fishes. I mean it! they are enormous masyaAllah!

Desert...around the house.....SubhanAllah

Life's experience is meant for us to be treasured and appreciated. InsyaAllah!

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