Friday, May 28, 2010

Tiring but Truly MEANINGFUL

Salam to all
SubhanAllah, alhamdulillah, allahuakhbar


Rounds went well today, except that my patient in acute cubicle developed sudden onset of chest pain assoc with SOB. We were afraid the it it pulmonary embolism, given IV bolus infusion heparin then S/C heparin. Alhamdulillah, chest pain reduced in the evening and could see her smiling whenever i flash a smile. haha. alhamdulillah.
(panic gak time tu, cepat2 amik ABG time tu, acceptable results) FUH!!

i was quite bored with the variety of cases in 2CD, decided to hop in 2EF (surgical untuk lelaki). masyaAllah ramai dan lagi busy. Memang lain betul dari ward female sebab as it is a weekend mmg tak ramai patients and ramai pula discharge hari ni.Hoorey!

Alhamdulillah got opportunities to observe I&D as well as suprapubic catheterization. Memang kene build up my skills as my on calls are coming!!

Yikesss!!! haahah

It had been tiring all along..but when i reflect upon this, life still goes on. All hardships are merely Allah's tests. We live to obey Allah and give our best shot in every good deeds, right??

I love hearing patients thanking me, giving me sweet smiles. They keep me going. And of course ALLAH KEEPS ME GOING!!!

oops dah lewat ni. Time to sleeeeeeeeeeeep :p

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  1. Assalamualaikum wbt
    Wow! What a day for a doctor. Glad to hear that all rounds went well but make sure they are on right track! Selamat menjalankan amanah sebagai doktor bir pun betapa sibuk, semuanya ada ganjaran dari Allah SWT, InsyaAllah.