Monday, October 11, 2010

Something NEW

Salam to all
SubhanAllah, alhamdulillah kulli hal, allahukahbar!

On calls in orthopedic are way challenging; if i am to compare to my previous posting. We almost have sleepless nights but subhanAllah on calls are fun. It is the only time we really get cool opportunities.

Inserting branulas are a norm for HO s. I know it is far more painful than getting your blood sucked out your veins (normal blood taking).

Ward 2CD..memang cool sangat!

Little did i realize how painful it was until i experience hydrocortisone infused through my veins. masyaAllah the pain was quite unbearable in the beginning but alhamdulillah i am used to it, hhuhu. Best gak working in the ward; when staff nurses are your buddies; insyaAllah everything will be fine :) the urticarial reaction had been quite often and disturbing; that i have daily doses of hydrocortisone :)

Example of branula (jarum untuk masuk drip(air)/ubat etc)

However, if you opt for drug infusion; you can simply use butterfly branula for infusion; pahtu cabut. senang cerita, tak perlu simpan branula di tangan. I understand that muslem patients mostly request for branula insertion after isya' prayer (lagi comforting) especially if they are about to go for operation on the next morning.

Experiencing drug infusion on yourself..hmm something NEW :)

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