Thursday, November 11, 2010

Adrenaline Rush!!

Salam to all

Post call is the most relieving period in my career. For me! HEHE.

Adrenaline rush in my veins. Cases of admissions, referrals and lodgers kepp coming. Handphone never stops ringind from almost all wards. hectic. But who am i to complain? This is my career, my responsibility and most importantly im doing it for the sake of Allah :)

The most devastating case yesterday was fracure of the femoral bone (tulang paha). This case was referrred from Hosp Setiu. A 3-year old boy could not ambulate and cry upon touching of his right thigh. His right thigh appears deformed and swollen. What do you expect? a fracture....Apparently his brother was influenced by the 'smackdown' usually performed by those fighters in televsison. Apa lagi..dia lompat atas kaki the end..patah kaki adiknya...aduhai...apa nak jadi dengan budak2 skrg ni :(

he was put on skin traction. planned for locking plate of the femur. His femoral bone was fractured and badly displaced..

Lodger cases keep coming in and the last case was up to 4.30am. We called it a day and slept a wnk. haha

It was truly an adrenaline rush experience!! Many cases came in at the same time with us junggling between them..of course priority is priority!


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