Sunday, July 12, 2015

in a glimpse

in a glimpse
you grow too fast my dear
my weekly time with you
so limited, so little
yet i try
and i do try
to spend as much time
as i can

times when u used to recite to me
you lay on my arms
as i read Koran with you
you follow suit
as though u read it so right
but i believe you will

i am not a hafeezah
what more an ustadzah
but i really wish so
that you will turn into one
not much expectations i have on you
just that u will be a solehah one
a hafeezah
just like those beautiful dhua
i make daily

i am so sorry dear
am i too selfish
leaving you for studies
in this period of time
i will make it up to you
enjoy those times with you
growing you up
with admiring characters
like the queen in the heart of Rasulallah
Siti Khadeeja

i miss everything about you
i will try to be the best mother over

thank you Allah for this special gift
one of my strength.....Amin.