Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ada Apa Pada Purdah?


Iman memang ada insomnia..sigh..insyaAllah ada solution nyerr

Sebelum dapat betul2 melelapkan mata semalam, something which i will always treasure in my life, played rather vividly in my mind. I didn't have to really squeeze my eyes and try hard to remember the whole thing, it appeared out of the blue, masyaAllah :p

There was this sweet girl out of nowhere in masjidilharom. She was rather enthusiastic to know what i was reciting, she kept on lingering next to me. (rasa teruk pulak) She introduced herself as Aisya, she's from India. We spoke to each other in English (thankfully! my arabic is hampeh!!) and we did change stories. It came to the time when i was no longer comfortable when she started to bug me with stories whenever i tried to read my "wirid" or prayers before the azhan.

I secretly pulled my mum's hand (who seemed to notice how uncomfortable i was) and decided to pretend that i needed to to go for another ablution (just to get rid of her haha). I pulled a sigh of relief then but when i reached to another saff; masyaAllah, there u go, she was right beside me. Again!! (how did she get there?? only Allah knows!!!)

She asked me questions which made me feel so small. Adoi! She was curious about the niqab and asked me whether the Koran speaks on niqab. I shrugged and i said i didn't really know anything about niqab. She also asked whether i read the tafsir of Koran. I shrugged again. Again!!

When i returned to the hotel where i stayed in Mecca (no longer exist now), her words seemed like sharp torns tearing my heart apart. I didn't blame her of course; but i kept blaming myself for not being enthusiastic in getting closer to Him and learning the Koran. Most importantly, i figured that she was sent by Allah to teach me something so valuable. Why had i finally decided to wear the veil over my face? One of the reasons was that Allah sent Aisya to make me wear niqab. I learn the beauty of niqab now. I feel the pleasure that no one else ever feels when my face is hijabbed by a piece of cloth. Masyaallah!!!!

I smiled to myself before i fell asleep. I miss Aisya. I really do. I regretted for what i did in MasjidilHarom. I forgot something at that moment. That...everything happens for a reason.

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