Wednesday, May 12, 2010

NEW me. NEW Chapter of My Life!


It is 12.01 midnight...i smile to remind myself how fortunate i am to be a Muslem. Spread your smile, there's nothing to loose haha.

I am determined to write after each day of my working life. Why? if ever i feel down, insyaAllah i'll look back upon every word uttered in this blog. Nak berkata-kata sahaja lebih tapi amalnya tiada? Tak baguslah kalau begitu, kan?

I woke up this morning and told myself how cool my job is. Kira self-motivation la ni. I prepared my breakfast the night before (bread with peanut butter spread) and i enjoy my feast on the next morning with a cup of Radix or maybe uh...Sawda. Hehe.

Alhamdulillah, managed to clerk few cases on my first day of tagging as well as performed procedures successfully. ALHAMDULILLAH! People might think i am bragging here but actually these small things are BIG to me. Hehe.

I smile to my patients and i really do appreciate them. Luasnya skop dakwah. I have the opportunity to spread da'wah by comforting and reminding them that diseases are Allah's tests. MasyaAllah. Spread love to others with the sake of Allah; and insyaAllah others will spread love to you without you expecting them. SubhanAllah.

Macam-macam kerenah orang yang saya encounter. InsyaAllah mematangkan saya. Doakan saya istiqamah dalam jalan yang Allah pilih untuk diri ini......amin.


  1. insyaALLAH... ALLAH bersamamu ... sayang ukhti!

  2. I'm proud of u sister..practice what u preach kay?--kak lin

  3. houseman mana ye?