Monday, June 7, 2010

I Work....for Allah!!

salam to all
subhanAllah, alhamdulillah, allahuakhbar!

What an eventful day..masyaAllah

It all started when i was assigned for all scopies (not the one doing the scopies of course!) this morning. Mula-mula ingatkan ada just few cases...tiba-tiba...

A 50+ year old lady, with LGIB query Ca rectum was supposed to have her colonoscopy done. Tiba-tiba....she collapsed!!! WAAAAA....

Semua panik gak. haha. As for first time being truly involved in a case needing resuscitation. Called blood bank..only have 3 pints blood. Okay...tiba-tiba she bled profusely..waaaa. MasyaAllah. No more blood in blood bank. Okay.,time for new GSH.."Iman..go to blood bank now! Get 6 pints whole blood!" Apa lagi..berlarilah saya!!

I had to run, no doubt people gave me weird stares. Apa in jubah (haha itulah gunanya pakai seluar panjang kat dalam). I ran like ....tak tahu nak describe, hehe. Went to blood bank and spoke to the staff at the counter..(still panting and catching my breath). Tiba-tiba teringat..oh no i forgot the ice box!!!!!!!!

"Awak balik sana dan ambil ice box!" layan staff dengan wajah serius. "Oh no!!" the blood bank and endoscopy room are soooooooo far!

Sambung berlari..dan berlari. Oh Allah...i don't know how to describe this.

MO gave me a call. "Iman...get 6 pints..and 1 cycle TIVC" Oh no..what is TIVC? Okay...i need cryo, platelets and FFP separately. Waaa

MO called again.." to OT now. We are pushing the patient into OT..Now!" I was to carry 6 pints of blood and the TIVC all by myself??

I ran to OT with hands full of pints of blood with an ice box in another hand. I laughed at myself..Whooaaa i do look funny..panting and running in my jubah. Oh....lucky my sporty shoes help!

Nurses tegur and say..wah..if only doktor boleh pakai tracksuit, sure dah lama awak pakai!" haha. I simply laughed!!

Runnng here and there. Preparing patients for sedation particularly for colonoscopies; i really learnt a lot. Despite those scoldings and people shouting at me urging me to do this and that... i realize that this is a learning process. Mind those shoutings. I'm just a human being; and i'm yearning Allah's love. I work hard for Allah. I help patients as much as i can for the sake of Allah. I got despised and shouted; but i set my mind; i learn because of Allah.

It is sooooo cool if everything we do..IS SIMPLY FOR ALLAH!!!!!! peace!


  1. way da go iman!!---kak lin

  2. salam ziarah dan salam perkenalan :)
    memang cool bile everything we do only fir Allah

  3. Assalamualaikum wbt
    I`m sure on that situation, you also need anaerobic respiration! Well! anyway, you`ve done a good job as a doctor. We appreciate you and may Allah SWT be with you, InsyaAllah.