Monday, November 1, 2010


Salam to all
SubhanAllah, alhamdulillah, Allahuakhbar!

Approaching 2 months of Orthopedic posting. 2 more months to go, insyaAllah! The first month was pretty blurry for me with lots of things to adjust with. Having patients postponed their operations in regards to late JKSP approval (pinjaman untuk bayaran pembedahan) is quite depressing. Kesian pada patients; stressed out as they have to bear longer hospital stay just because they are in tractions and delayed operations.

Orthopedic on calls are quite challenging and makes your heart pound like mad. (hehe kidding). Why?? Mostly are trauma patients of course...These are some of simple cases i see in the wards during on calls...

A 4 year old girl screamed and cried non stop..Why? She lost the pulp of her index finger. Plus her finger nail :( She thought the running washing machine was merely part of her playground and had her finger stucked in the washing maschine. Her mum managed to pull her hand instantly, but this is the result. The best treatment:? Refashioning of her finger. Or say..MEBO dressing (insyaAllah berkesan juga)

Case 2

A 26 year old man accidentally slipped his finger while carrying heavy loads of concrite. As a result. he alleged nearly amputated finger. (jari hampir terputus). X ray revealed crushed # of distal phalanx right index finger. Treatment? wound debridement +K wire...

This man was referred from Hosp Dungun for nearly amputated rt ring finger. Tapi, his finger was no longer viable. Refashioning was carried out under LA in the ward. He kept that finger (souveniere!!) Scary!!
Macam-macam....but the challenge was a blast!!!! Tiba-tiba minta ortho???
ps: 3 more months of waiting!! :) insyaallah

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