Friday, November 5, 2010

Membina Semangat

Salam to all
SubhanAllah, alhamdulillah, Allahuakhbar!

Elevate your self esteem!

I stared at the light until it became dim. I smiled reminiscing the dark times when my self esteem falls to almost zero. Who gave me the light?

Allah The Almighty. SubhanAllah.

I'm proud being a Muslem. Why? Everything in Islam is so positive. Even though at times we might wonder why obligations are as such (we must not question on how Allah looks like etc) but in the end; every cloud has its silver linings!

Life is made difficult; for us to reflect upon ourselves, to make us tougher and stronger. All hardships are merely tests by Allah; to seek on how we obey His obligations :)
No matter how hard things may turn out to be; always and always BE POSITIVE! Have your own mindset and always make an effort to elevate your self esteem. But how?
1; Check on your faith in Allah; everyday. Is your life falling back day by day and are you doing anything to improve your quality of life? If you start to feel that you are getting farther insted of closer to Allah: read..recite the Koran :)
2; Mix in the community. Don't be a loner. Make more friends
3; Have good nawaitu in the beginning of the day. As you rise in the morning; say Alhamdulillah and have niat on what you wish for the day; eg: Ya Allah, aku berniat bekerja hari ini semata-mata keranaMu Ya Allah....
4; Appreciate eveything and everyone around you. Allah makes everyone so special that we actually learn from each other without us realizing it, subhanAllah!
ps: a soft reminder to all and myself; let's build up our self esteem and improvise day by day!!!!

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