Saturday, August 13, 2011

Allah loves him more...

I had always have this thought at the back of my mind that my late father is so different; so unique in his own ways. I smile pondering upon memories hitting my mind. I love my late father so much.

“Bangun subuh! Pastu jogging!!” echoed in my head. Those were the times when Subh prayer at the nearby surau had been a routine since I was back in school days. I hated the sound of my late father knocking hard on the door and his harsh tone making me frown all day long.

I did not understand why since young; my late father would actually force us to do household chores; helping him out painting the house and made us feel like labourers. We frown all day!

Then I entered university; and my parents left for Oman. I felt abandoned. I always had this feeling that we are left on our own and my late dad simply forgets us. But he didn’t…He misses us, he always prays for us. I do miss his voice; advising me to be strong and to take care of myself. I never hear that voice again.

The night of akad was a beautiful night, my late dad put all his responsibilities to a man who will be my another half. . SubhanAllah.

Papa,,I miss u.

I couldn’t believe that the last words that papa told me was,”Fatin, papa balik lama sikit ni, sampai raya..’ I simply smiled..

That was the last time I had ever spoken to him.

The following week…

I reached the general hospital at midnight; rushed in the ICU, stumbled to see my dad; my lovely dad being intubated. I imagined him not being comfortable; being infused with strong drugs to make his blood pressure rise up. But Allah simply loves him; more than how much we actually do love him. He passed away peacefully in front of all his loves; and we witnessed him gone to Ilahi till his last breath. I kissed his forehead for the last time and a bright drop of tear rolled down his cheek. I closed my eyes and realized how fragile life is; Allah may take our life not faster or later than a second, SubhanAllah.

Papa, we love u!

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  1. i was in tears reading abt papa dear sister..i remember his last words ' ok aline, take care and I love you' and that was seconds after he was sent to the asthma room and the ER..I missed him so much too with his voice and his warmth and all..may we all get to meet him in Jannah, InsyaAllah..never forget him and never stop praying for him..