Saturday, December 31, 2011

Being Humane

Assalamualaikum wbt

SubhanAllah, alhamdulillah, Allahuakhbar!

Being humane.
A simple phrase yet my mind searches for words to describe situations that had to be faced day to day. SubhanAllah.

An elderly women in her 80-s was brought in the hospital as she developed weakness of the left side of her body. She seemed like screaming for words; but she couldn't uttered a word. She nods her head in approval or whenver she acknowledges anything. Relatives by her side were stunned but understood that thir loved one on the bed 'kene angin'.

Her brain was scanned-findings were towards multiple infarct (death of cells in brain due to lack of oxygen). Something common we see everyday. Her condition deteriorated day-to day.
Her family refused for any invasive treatment or procedures.

Being humane.

A simple phrase again. Yet something we find difficult to do in time of stake.

A doctor speaks, "Kalau tak nak ape2, buatpe masuk spital? Balik je la." Family members were stunned. I was stunned too.

My mind keeps mesmerizing upon my late father. A healthy man; suddenly collapsed in the emergency department. Doctor struggled to save his life; but had forgotten or say; not bothered to keep umi updated regarding his condition. She waited outside the ED (emergency department) in despair, fighting in tears and prayed endlessly.

Alast, my late father was intubated (connected to the oxygen machine) to keep him breathing. He was sedated and appeared calm. We nearly failed to recognize him, he looked so different. I had encountered so many patients intubated; struggling with multiple iv lines, with tubes and so on; but i ccould not believe im seeing my dear father in front of me.

His hands were perishingly cold. i watched him gasping and infused with tripple inotropes (to keep his Blood Pressure stable). I watched him returned to Allah peacefully and calm.

I face similar situations everyday in the hospital. SubhanAllah. May Allah gives me strength to face such difficult situations. Death is so near, and yet we can be so laid back with the worldly; which almost blind us all.

Being humane.

We are humans; after all!

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