Monday, April 16, 2012

Loving the postive things

assalamualaikum wbt
SubhanAllah, alhamdllh, Allahuakhbar!
Reading blogs had been a norm except for my confinement period. Being with Maryam, seeing her cheeky smile, her ccoing sounds truly make my day. (Maryam is sleeping now, so i can blog hehe)
I was inspired by Prof Muhaya's blog. Besides being an eye specialist; what made me salute her most is that she is knowldgeable in Islam. She gives da'wa everywhere she goes and every single thing that pops out her mouth has been very inspiring and makes me ponder.
One of her stories which caught my attention while listening to Ikim (i rarely listens to radio now huhu) was her experience treating her patients. She does eye operations every single day despite her full schesdules of giving talks in radio, upgrading her friendclub etc. SubhanAllah she is a supermom (nak jadi supermom jugak!)
One day she had difficulty in putting a new lens for patient with cataract. Operations had been an ease all the while; but not for this particular patient. It turned out that her patient is a well known mattron in the hospital for being 'musang' (garang in dialek terengganu).
Well, it's not about pin pointing to anyone, but it's time to realize and muhasabah diri. Treat others just like how you wish others treat you. Be positive and humble always.
SubhanAllah, she is truly inspiring and i hope insyaAllah i'll be a supermom like her one day (im working on it hehe)
OOps gotto pen off before Maryam wakes up (bonding time!)
....Loving the positive things!.....

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