Tuesday, January 15, 2013

i thank ALLAH

assalamualaikum wbt

it had been ages since i last pen down in this blog. missing thosetimes when i shared my lifetimes experiences,ups and downs and something worth sharing.

When you meet people from different backgrounds or stages;had it ever occurred to you to look inside your heart ad ponder...subhanallah..Allah's creations are simply perfect and marvellous!

when you have a good husband,beautiful and helathy children and a good job..why aren't you thankful?

when allah grants you an understanding family,with supportive husband;why are you throwing tantrums when things do not come your way?

when allah grants you a step higher in your career with better salary;why must you shout at your assistanor workers under you when they make mistakes?

sometimes we forget to thank allah.
sometimes we are not aware that Allah is watching our every moves.
and...we forget that allah has blessed us with affinity of blessings that we are so busy counting on our hardships and setbacks. astaghfirullah!

so..let's thank Allah and may our love for Him blossoms in our hearts!

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