Thursday, September 19, 2013

Please whom? Please Allah!!

SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakhbar!

Felt sudden gush to write. Astaghfirullah, may feelings of ujub go astray! InshaAllah with this little knowledge of mine, I hope it goes deep in our hearts, ameen.

Just sit by the street. Erm, not long..just for a  few minutes. Ahaa.  Witnessing various styles of hijab especially those with various colors can be captivating to the eyes. Not to mentioned to the eyes of ‘adam’.
I’m not here to spell out those beautiful verses of the Holy Koran regarding covering the aurah as muslimah.  Why, everyone is so well versed with them.  But only little discover the beauty beyond them.

SubhanAllah. I’m impressed with those who first came up with  ‘tudung instant’  which you can simply put them on.  Very easy.  I believe insha Allah, more ladies out there will start covering their aurah with the implementation of this hijab. Yup, quick n easy!


But I have one thing to  say..please choose your hijab materials carefully! Why, the lycra material is not in accordance to shariah if it is donned as hijab. Upon wearing  it, it falls on your body and it follows your upper body shape. I do not intend to elaborate more. But..thumbs up  to those who still intend in wearing it; and trying their best to style it in a way that does not show off their figures at the same time (such as wearing brooches etc) 

SubhanAllah  dear ladies out there.  Let’s not be fashion victims..or say..hijabista victims.  Current fashions are cool and I would say up-to-date..but please choose your hijabs and before donning them,  ask yourself; are you wearing hijab to gain appraisal of humans; or solely for the sake of Allah the Almighty? Please ask yourself..
Ya Allah, may the feeling of ujub go astray. I care for all Muslem ladies especially..because our aurah are our modesty and dignity. 

Please whom? PLEASE ALLAH!  Full stop.

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