Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Chosen One..

Assalamualaikum wbt
SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakhbar!

Flipping through "La Tahzan", I smiled. Ya Allah, apalah sangat ujian ke atasku ini berbanding rakanku ini...

Something worth sharing, inshaAllah.

A sense of triumpth lingered in her when she first got the news. Alhamdulillah, granted with pregnancy soon after her marriage. A blessing from Allah. "Ya Allah, please protect this caliph.." she whispered.

SubhanAllah. Not long after she found out about her pregnancy, her heart was shattered with a news. She tried to hold back her tears after she was told that her lil baby has a fatal abnormality with 99% chance of not being able to live in this world.

MashaAllah. i've never encountered anyone stronger than her. She keeps her smile, she put her strength entirely on Allah the Almighty. She believes in miracles. She was given the option; either to abort the baby due to medical reason; or to continue her pregnancy. SubhanAllah! La hawlawala quwwata illah billah!

Pregnancy is indeed a beautiful process. Forget the morning sickness, poor appetite, that pale look..mothers will always carry on with grace and imaan in their hearts. They might look tired, gawn, but indeed only Allah knows how mush syukur they have to be able to carry a caliph in their tummies. After all, pregnancy is a form of Jihaad fi sabilillah!!!

Life is a journey, and death is inevitable. "Kullu nafsin dzaiqatul maut". No one can ever avoid death.
The lil baby was finally brought into the world at 34 weeks of pregnancy with the abnormalities as informed by the doctor. She is named Sumayyah, a beautiful name and inshaa Allah will be living in heaven :)

Tears welled down my cheek as i listened to her story. She is definitely one of a kind, very strong willed and inspirational. I had read upon a hadeeth regarding loss of a child/miscarriage. In the hereafter, these babies refuse to enter Jannah without taking their parents along. They will pull along their sleeves to Heaven, Masha Allah.

It is a beautiful blessing. I pray to Allah that this trial will be a wonderful turning point for her to be steadfast to Allah, and making her much closer to Allah than before.

Count your blessings (which are so plentiful), not your misfortunes.

You are definitely the chosen one by Allah; my friend :)

i pray to Allah to bless u n family in Jannah, amin.

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