Wednesday, October 16, 2013

let's recharge!

Everyone certainly has a story to tell. Inspiring indeed. Turning points in their lives and only Allah knows how tranquil their hearts are. As soothing as the rivers in heaven perhaps.

She wears niqab. Her hijab is big enough to cover her curves from the eyes of ajnabi. Her plain robe makes her almost unseen by others. She remains silent and only speaks if needed. She is definitely one of a kind.

People see her as weirdo. Ugly and unfascinating. So not updated..aarrgghh so irritating of having her in sights.
She still smiles.  'Orang yang tenang selalu menang'. She always remind herself of the phrases.

SubhanAllah. When she untie her niqab, her friends can't believe their eyes.  She used to hate coveritng her aurah. Seeing her in shorts and tight tops were usual. What could have caused this drastic transformation?

She smiles. again. She whispers, 'Allah makes me do this. I have a story to tell.  Allah gives me strength to do this. Im not an oppressed person, im not being forced to cover my aurah and wearing the niqab.  Allah's love letter in surah al ahzab verse 59 simply melts my heart about aurah.  The world has changed. People see sexy ladies without islamic knowledge as common. However seeing ladies in niqab and covering their aurahs properly is very weird and unacceptable. It's okay, im happy with how im dressed and im very comfortable with myself.

SubhanAllah her words melt my heart. 

Our hearts are just like batteries;needing to be  recharged regularly. How? Purify and cleanse our hearts with sifat mahmudah and zikrullah. 

Let's recharge!

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