Friday, October 18, 2013

Rollercoaster ride of LIFE

Assalamualaikum wbt

Islamic teachings in the Twins of Faith programme with their casual manner are truly an eye-opener. If you have the time, i would recommend that you lend ur ears for a while, perhaps while doing ur chores daily hihi.

Sometimes u are in cloud nine, sometimes u feel doomed. As dark as a room without even a slit of light. Sometimes when a happy event exists, you tell everyone instantly and smiling from ear to ear, without first performing sujud syukur and say gratitude to Allah.

When things go wrong, certainly not the way you like it, you first tell others' faults first without being steadfast to Allah. Are you forgetting who your true love is? Aren't you suppose to tell your heart out to your true love in an instant first?    SubhanAllah.

That's what life is. Life would be dull and meaningless without tests. Allah grants happiness, but don't forget that Allah also tests us as long as our heart keeps beating. Allah is so much closer than our jugular veins mashaa Allah. You can call Him at any time, free of charge. No need to dial a number, just whisper  your prayers and Allah is certainly the best listener. SubhanAllah. He will always answer ur call mashaa Allah.

Allah makes every creation special in their own ways. When a setback happens, it has to be with a reason. If we reflect upon them and keep thinking about it, mashaa Allah He arranges every single thing so beautifully.

This is what called life. A rollercoaster, but truly a thrilling and peaceful one!

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