Monday, October 7, 2013

Perfect time

Alhamdulillah..all praises to Him.

I was tuning to videos of Syeikh Nouman Ali..and this intriguing phrase makes my heart in peace.mashaa Allah.

If your hopes or wishes are not granted now, don't be shattered or in despair. Why? Allah knows the perfect time for you to have it. He knows best!

Sisters waiting monthly for their pregnancy test to appear positive, start to compare with other couples who are expecting not long after their nikaah. That is not a sign of gratefulness.
Grieving over failure in exams and being rebellious as he had tried so much..his hopes are not granted at that time.

Allah knows the perfect time for us to have our hopes granted. Why must we be sad? 

Make dhu'a for Allah. He is the best listener. Ever.

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