Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sweetness of Imaan


Life is full of uncertainties.  I easily get captivated by beautiful writings of Sheikh Mufti Menk (alhamdulillah he speaks english because i dun know arabic well).

In reaching for sweetness of imaan, there are 3 criterias. Easy to say but challenging to be emulated.

Firstly:  Love Allah and the Prophet PBUH more than anything else. More than your parents, spouse etc. Imagine, if your love for Allah is so strong, your imaan inshaa Allah will raise, and in turn.. your love for humans, your spouse especially, will raise as well. Mashaa Allah.

Next: Love others for the sake of Allah, not for wrong intentions such as to bribe, to gain popularity etc.

Finally: A mu'min hates to return to his old wrongdoings. He intends to improvise, move forward and be 'taqarrub ilaallah' (akrab dengan Pencipta).

Let's do some self-reflection. Imagine a person being deeply in love with another person. He will always have her in mind, contact her frequently, feels somehow uneasy
if she is uncontactable, and feels high spirited with her presence. We know that Allah is the highest class of our love, why can't we emulate that, perhaps do more to our greatest love:Allah?

If we miss communicating with Allah through prayers, we feel uneasy. If we miss reading the Koran in a day, we feel that we miss something major in our lives. If we forget zikrullah, we tend to have things haywire. Why? Allah is our true love, the highest class of love, more than anyone or anything in this world. Imagine losing Allah's love and faith. Life will be so full of negativity and pessimism.

Love Allah. Love for Allah is so pure and you will never be left alone.


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