Saturday, December 7, 2013

That Little Red Book

I could still reminisce rather vividly those times back then, when i used to bring along this little red book of mine with me..almost everywhere i go.

Just a simple book, no hard cover, with papers which easily get torn apart ( me being rough).  I made tremendous effort to keep penning in poems which will suddenly play in my mind like lyrics.

I started with 2 lines with simple words reflecting on life which is so fragile and full of ups and downs. Back in study life in varsity, i was inspired by the renowned poet; Jalaluddin Rumi, to pen in poems with spiritual insights. I got engrossed and that little book was then looked almost like a book of scribbles and everything!

Hehe. There was this time when my late father and i were sitting at the pathway, waiting for my sister's arrival from Penang. We were relaxing at the side of the bustling road, glimmering lights of KL and watching people passing by. I got bored and caugyt a piece of flying paper and with the help of that short pencil in my father's pocket,  i started drafting on poems about the scene. When i returned home, i transferred it into my little red book. Hehe, those were the times.

Hopefully those inspiring ideas will linger in my mind because my passion in poems especially in regards to spiritual is closely deep in my heart. Mashaa Allah, i pray to Allah that these poems help people to get closer to Allah and finally bridge into tasting the sweetness of imaan. Amin.

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