Saturday, December 7, 2013

Think...before you speak.

Short but deep in meaning. I was trying to capture what Imaam Suhaib was delivering in al hijrah while keeping an eye on my lil daughter Maryam.

This message is very intriguing and i wish to spread this to others too.

Think before you speak or write. Speaking is like picking on flowers or fruits in the garden. You never want to pick on a faulty fruit. Same goes to words, you never wanna make others hurt or be nasty upon hearing your words or reading on your writings. Mashaa Allah.

Putting up status like,"hubby gives me fresh flowers" or "see, my pregnancy test is positive with a captured 2-lined pregnancy test" really do not benefit others. Think before you write or post a picture. Yup, this is rather straight forward. Facebook.

People out there may make up an argument and state, "it is up to us, we can write anything we want". Well, no offence! Hands up!
Think about single sisters, parents without children, single mothers, they have feelings too. Yes, a good mu'min shares happiness of his counterpart but i believe that at times their feelings cannot be overshadowed.

Allah grants us happiness and setbacks as trials. Let's not make it a habit to be too transparent in whatever we have. Posting pictures of your gigantic house, luxurious car, a preggy tummy or presents from loved ones do not help at all. May Allah sheds away the feelings of  riak or takabbur, nauzubillah.

Let's reflect on why we live in this world. Why is there things decreed for us as Moslems. To test us, to worship Him. If we can make the social media or FB for an instance, as medium for daawah and not spoiling it with possible negativity or creating bad deeds in others' hearts, inshaa Allah the world will be a better place.

Think before you speak.
Think before you write.

Written from a humble heart,
Ummu maryam

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