Sunday, February 23, 2014

dan air mata mengalir lagi...

I never happened to imagine how it feels like to be an ITP patient till i met her. She is very special in my eyes of her respected personality. Her smile despite those painful IV lines, those excruciating medications, horrendous episodes of gum bleed and npt to forget memories of menorrhagia especially during her rounds as a HO. If i were in her shoes..i don't think i can strive like a warrior just like her.

And my tears welled down again.

I cant bear seeing her lying in bed, havouring upon painful IV Ig.
Being beside her, i feel sense of strength gifted from Allah.
She taught me to be positive, to be tough, to handle things properly( me being clumsy at times). Most importantly, she reminds me to Allah. Even being beside her without uttering a word, bring that sense of zikrullah.

Mashaa allah.

I pray to Allah to boost her strength, happiness, health and an uneventful pregnancy and delivery. May allah eases her way. ameen..