Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Idol refers to somebody you look up to, whom you respect and admire. As a muslem, we should bear in mind that the Prophet (PBUH) should be our top ranking idol, qudwatul hasanah mashaa allah.

This man first entered my life and was destined to be my another half since 3 years ago. Before he asked my hand for marriage, i made a summary of him to get to know whom he really is. He was one of the most respected person in his varsity, being the smartest student back then. His dedicated personality and 5 star results are truly intriguing.

Me, being totally the opposite, is timid, pessimist and anti social type of person. An introvert. Yeah, that explains me in short.
Alhamdulillah, we are blessed with a daughter, with two historical miscarriages. I adore his carrisma and dedication in da'wah although most of the time he is away to give lectures and islamic teachings.

When i see him, alhamdulillah, i keep remindingmyself to zikrullah, and improving my islamic knowledge. Only foreseeing his positive side, my love for him grows.

Absolutely. My husband. My idol.

Ya Allah please grant us jannatul firdausi

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