Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Abaya Spirit!!

MasyaAllah, credits for the detailed design...!!

I opt for simple plain abayas with moderate embroideries

Tadaaa!! the new butterfly design!! Senang kata, ala-ala baju tido kelawar heehe..New hots in Saudi currently!!

Salam..Cik Iman ni, kalau bukan artikel, sure letak pics of abayas..Why?? They are my all-time favoutite!! Abaya is not my fashion statement in my faculty as i feel a bit uneasy walking around in high speed (yeke?) in the wards..I don abayas (especially black ones) most of the time at home. My fashion statement. Hehe..
I'm delighted to share something about abayas, as far as I know..I realize that the best abaya materials come from Saudi..Light, comfortable, breathable.. Omanis are cool as well, ummi loves those with buttons up to hip level, so she matches on long skirts (hots in Oman)..
Those colourful 2-layered abayas are popular here in Malaysia, you can never see them in the Arabic countries. Why? The arabics only wear black :)
Jom pakai abaya :p

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