Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Be Yourself..be confident!!

Assalamualaikum wbt to all
SubhanAllah, alhamdulillah, Allhuakhbar!

Muslimah clothings had been a great hit recently, subhanAllah. Something we should be proud of..but beware some claimed "muslimah" clothings do not actually go alined with the correct way of covering the aurah as stated in the beautiful citation of Quran.

if you ask me..the most comfortable way of covering your aurah properly would be the abaya. Very very comfortable, hehe. When i was still in university, i was still doubtful about wearing jubah/ abaya in the wards. I imagined myself having difficulties in being active in clerking cases or taking blood. (haha)

But now....alhamdulillah. Wearing abayas is not a big deal even though you are doing oncalls! I can even run in my abaya. There was a time when i got a call from my MO; requesting me to go to and fro the blood bank and the OT to send whole blood for a patient who has gastrointestinal bleeding. She was bleeding to near death, alhamdulillah she's still alive :)

I love wearing the abaya. My movements are never being limited! Plus, i can wear long pants underneath (that's why i can run!) haha. Tapi syaratnya kalau boleh labuhkan tudung anda apabila berjubah sebab ada jubah yang menampakkan bentuk tubuh jika kita bertudung pendek :(

Be yourself, be confident with what you wear as long as you cover your aurah properly and decently. People may judge you with the way you wear or call you ustazah just because you wear like one..but that nevver matters.. Allah knows our intentions and let's do our obligations for the sake of Allah!

So..apa lagi? Let's go for abaya!!

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  1. assalamualaikum.

    i agree with you. i have doubt at first, but i am loving it now. and guess what, by just wearibng abaya, it leads me to be better in many ways.

    we have the abaya ladies group in facebook. if you have an fb account, i'll invite you. it is not exclusive but we just wanted to make sure only genuine muslimah join the group.

    let me know.

    btw, it's me wawa. salam perkenalan.