Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Beauty of Allah's Tests...

Salam to all


I recalled during one of my oncalls; working through the night till the next morning. Attending to patients and never even had the chance to glance out through the open windows in the wards.

I smiled waking up in the morning; thanking Allah for the life He granted me. For the chance to still breathe in this world; kissing the air, watching the beautiful sea from the balcony of my hospital. MasyaAllah.

I loved to have breakfast early after Subuh; so not to miss my breakfast in case there is still new cases before 8am during my oncalls. I enjoy the tranquility of seeing the sun rises; while sipping my cup of radix coffee which had always been accompanying me during my calls :)

Pantai Batu Buruk; just across my hospital

I had once thinking how dreadful my job is; having scoldings by MOs or radiologists like music thorugh my ears. Life has changed, alhamdulillah. All praises to Allah; his tests had open my eyes to everything occuring around me. Alhamdulillah; i love my job; especially having nawaitu that working for the sake of Allah is an ibadah!!!!

We must view our tests in many angles; as Allah tests us with REASONS. It all depends on us; on how we handle them. We can simply be doomed and have motivation at zero level' or we can actually be much more motivated and excel thorugh His tests. But how??

I could still remember rather vividly poems written by a renowned person (sorry i simply forgotten his name).

He made the lock....
But He also made the key!

What does that mean??

Allah made tests; to mould us; to make us stronger day by day. He also grants us the solutions but it is up to us upon the ways to reach the solution. What is our effort? Or are we simply being effortless?? Allah might take something or someone away from us to give us new opportunities that we had never imagined before. I we look thorugh these tests with an open mind, a strong heart and iman; insyaAllah we'll find the way!! :)


ps: 6 months to meeting hubby!

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