Saturday, December 11, 2010



Oncalls can be regarded as learning experiences for all of us. We work till we appear worn out; with almost no meals of the day and........sleepless night. Some HOs have really cool nights; with very little amount of admissions and have gooood sleeps.As for me, apparently almost all of my oncalls are eventful; plg tak pun BP drops. Soo Jonah. What can i say; they are worth while experiences and insyaAllah helps me to become a better and well equipped doctor.

My latest on call was a thrilling one. TRULY!! Can only lie on the bed at 6am of the next day. sooo jonah! A pt just came out of OT: had plating of tibia done on him. A 60+year old man, suddenly became unresponsive. BP drops to almost 50/30mmHg. Pupils unequal. A very bad sign!! he was so pale and finding another line was almost impossible. I apologized ti him many times as i had to take blood from his femoral artery. He withdrawn to pain. In view of dropping GCS, we referred him to anest. he was intubated in the ward and sent off to ICU.

In the midst of collapsed pt; there were flooding of lodger cases and admissions. We were out of hands and almost collapsed ourselves. Subhanallah. We suppported each other to move on and be strong as we were worn out ourselves. me, being hypoglycemic rather easily; was nauseating all th way. We didn't have meals of the day; but who are we to complain? This is our work and career and sumtimes we simply have no time to have meals properly :)

As we worked non stop till thnext day; we were called from ICU. The previously intubated pt was bleeding from operative site till soaked the bedsheets! We ran up to ICU and i almost fainted at the sight of splashing blood. Ya Allah...he was bleeding from coagulopathy!!! We reapplied compression bandage to him and his coagulatio profile was corrected with FFPs.

I smiled at my parrtner; who was apparently pregnant at 25 wks. Despite the reckless night; she could still spread that smile on her face and we kept going. I smiled at my MO and she told me that it was the worst on call in history with pts being unstable and flooding cases.

On the nxt morning; we had to continue working despite almost zero adrenaline in our body. I smiled at the sight f my labcoat (how dirty it was) and thinking that it's time for a new labcoat! haha. My tongue was so dry and my mind was exhausted but alhamdulillah llah gave me strength to move on and appreciate the life granted by HIM.
I started my day with bismillah and there you go........doing my rounds in the morning as usual!

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