Sunday, May 12, 2013

Self Reflection

Salam to all.

It had been a nerve wrecking period for me. Facing various hardships and trials which almost made me stumble through my journey called life; i began to reflect.

Why are we tested? Part of a game called life?

Nope. Everything happens for a reason.

To see. Whom among us are true believers.

Yang penting sabar dan redha. I recalled upon a preach given by ustaz in IKIM. Self perseverance and patience is not after you had shouted spells and shown a frown face after having great trials; but then repented. It is the FIRST reaction after facing a trial or hardship in life. How you reacted and smile upon these beautiful tests He had granted. Allah never test us without a reason; but having said that; wishing we reflect upon ourselves.

Don't find faults in others; but reflect on your IMAAN.

Thank Allah fir His tests; which are specially made for you. To make you strong. To make you SPECIAL among others.

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