Friday, November 1, 2013

Find Peace in Allah

Salam to all.

I knew him as one of the most cheerful patient i had ever encountered. Forget those countless needle pricking or iv line insertion, he had them all. What amazed me was the fact that he never cries despite those painful episodes. He kept quiet, tried his best to hold back his tears and fought with his shiny armor..his mother by his side.

I miss seeing him smiling, his chubby face and seeing him chatting happily with his mother. He had been suffering from bleeding in his brain due to uncontrolled hypertension resulting in a 'stroke' like condition. He barely talks, no longer recognizes  mother and currently deteriorating. He is not responding to treatment or dialysis and the doctors said that he has poor outcome. I swept over his head and held back my tears. 'Saya nak bawa balik tapi tikar getah apatah lagi katil pun takde kat rumah' she said with a low voice.

SubhanAllah. Allah tested with death of her husband recently. Her son is critically ill. She is runniƱg ends meet. Her body smeed worned out.  But i see hopes in her eyes. That ddetermination in her is truly inspiring. She seemed treading through the trials and tribulation with that armour and incredible strength masya Allah.

I reflected on myself. We go through a lot of tests but we may get stumbled in the middle.  Allah is BIGGER than our problems!

Remember Allah, inshaa Allah your heart will  be in great peace and tranquility. You will never find peace elsewhere; exceprt in Allah!

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