Friday, December 20, 2013

He painted my heart with colors...Part 1

Suratul baqarah verse 216 has a deep meaning which makes hearts melt in love with Allah. His plans are unpredictable.

Papa passed away peacefully 2 years ago when i was pregnant actually without my knowledge at that time. Unexpected. Life ended instantly, not even a second late from destined.

I used to hate those times when papa abstained me from having boy friends. He used to question where i was heading to, whom my friends are, how was my tuition lessons (he was worried as male students were also around because it happened that i only went to girls' school back then).

Little did i realize what was in store for me. He is an incredible father, overly protective and very stern back then because of his love for his daughter. Alhamdulillah, with the blessing of my father's lesson, i became more conscious about ikhtilat and is blessed with one of the best gift from Allah: a soleh husband mashaa Allah.

Before my husband approached me, he addressed himself to papa, had a good rapport but masha Allah almost a year after our marriage, papa passed away from devastating lung infection.

Reminiscing upon the times being his little girl..i miss him. Badly. I wish to meet him in jannah and say," Pa..maaf atas semua salah silap fatin. Ni Maryam, anak fatin.."

I can't hold my tears anymore.

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