Tuesday, December 17, 2013

keep calm

It took me some time to digest every circumstances around me. I wonder why Allah tests me in such a way that i have to carry the burden while others feel leisured. I smile. Tests from Allah make our love towards Him even stronger. Falling in love with Allah..deeply melts my heart into complete serenity.

What an eventful day, i would say. Sometimes i thought..handling difficult people is really tiring especially having to face bias and injustice. Yeah, forget these because if Allah is please with me, nothing else matters.

A cool lesson to learn and cherish everyday is..to keep calm and always remember Allah. When things go haywire or if we get caught entangled in a defiant situation, first ..keep calm and say istighfar...take a deep breath and think wisely for alternatives as answers to the whole situation. Don't loose hour temper and bark out others's faults. When meeting others, never searcb for their weaknesses but appreciate their strength. Never reward ourselves as better than others.

By keeping calm and say zikrullah,inshaa Allah He will open ways and alternative s to our problems way beyond our expectations. SubhanAllah.
Such an amazing gift from Allah which i have learnt today.

Embrace life in a spiritual manner, appreciate others and always make efforts to attain Allah's redha. Inshaa All

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